Class websites

Principal Mr. Githmark [email protected]
Assistant Principal Mrs. Hughes [email protected]
Assistant Principal Mr. McCarthy [email protected]
Secretary Mrs. Duggan [email protected]
Office Front Desk-Secretary Mrs. Raymond [email protected]
Nurse Ms. Guyan [email protected]
 School Psychologist  Mrs. Carlson [email protected]
 School Psychologist  Dr. Garrone [email protected]
Middle School Counselor Mrs. Diaz [email protected]
 BCBA  Mrs. Toma [email protected]
 Grade 6 Blue  Website  E-mail
Language Arts Mrs. Munzner [email protected]
Language Arts  Miss. Rossi [email protected] 
Mathematics Miss. Boutotte  [email protected]
Science Mrs Brisbois [email protected]
World Geography & Ancient Civs 1 Mrs. Benedict  [email protected]

6th Grade Blue/Gold Teams Website

Grade 6 Gold Website Email
Language Arts Mrs. Rodriguez [email protected]
Language Arts Mrs. Flanders [email protected]
Mathematics Mrs. O'Connor lisa_o'[email protected]
Science Mrs. Woodward  [email protected]
World Geography & Ancient Civs 1 Mr. Champlin [email protected]

6th Grade Gold/Blue Teams Website 

Grade 7 Blue Website Email
Language Arts Mrs. Kissell [email protected]
Mathematics Mrs. Cordio [email protected]
Science Mrs. Pacific  [email protected]
World Geography & Ancient Civs 2 Ms. Pahl [email protected]
Grade 7  Gold Website Email
Language Arts Mrs. Holland  [email protected] 
Mathematics Mr. James [email protected]
Science Mrs. Petit  [email protected]
World Geography & Ancient Civs 2 Mrs. Kemsley  [email protected]
Grade 7 Website

Grade 8 Blue Website Email
Language Arts Mrs. Tellier [email protected]
Mathematics Mrs. Tooley [email protected]
Science Mr. Boisselle  [email protected]
US & MA Government and Civics  Mr. Smith [email protected]
Grade 8 Gold Website Email
Language Arts Ms. Ramian [email protected]
Mathematics Miss Creagh [email protected]
Science Mr. Tyler [email protected]
US & MA Government and Civics  Ms. Mudge [email protected]
World Language Website Email
Grade 7 Spanish Ms. Figueroa [email protected]
 Grade 7 Spanish  Mrs. Murphy  [email protected]
Grade 8 Spanish Mrs. Bradshaw [email protected]
 Grade 8 Spanish Mrs. Morris  [email protected]
 Grade 7/8 French Mrs. Boisselle  [email protected]
Related Arts Website Email
Art - Grade 6 Mr. Petersen [email protected]
Art - Grade 7 Mrs. Lavallee [email protected]
Art - Grade 8 Mrs. Aliskevicz [email protected]
Band Mr. Day [email protected]
Chorus Mrs. Puleo [email protected]
 Strings  Mrs. Haynes [email protected]
Physical Education Ms. LeBlanc [email protected]
Physical Education Mr. LaMontagne [email protected]
Seminar Mrs. Appleby  [email protected]
Engineering & Tech. Mrs. McLean [email protected]
Engineering & Tech. Mrs. Vogel [email protected]
Special Education Website Email
 ELL Teacher  Mr.  Rocca  [email protected]
Reading Teacher - Multi Sensory Mrs. Pisano [email protected]
 Speech/Language Pathologist  Mrs.  Grondin [email protected]
 Occupational Therapy Mrs. Driscoll [email protected]
 SLPA Ms. Walsh [email protected]
Grade 6 (SPED teacher) Mrs. Roberts [email protected]
Instructional Aide  Mrs. St. Germain [email protected]
 Grade 6 (SPED teacher) Ms. Hurley [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Mrs. Anderson [email protected]
Grade 7 (SPED teacher)  Mrs. Stiles [email protected]
Instructional Aide Mrs. Weiss [email protected]
Grade 7 (SPED teacher) Mrs. Dempski   [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Mrs. Horstman  [email protected]

 Grade 8 (SPED teacher)   Mrs. Bonner [email protected]
Instructional Aide TBD
 Grade 8 (SPED teacher)  Mrs. Bancroft  [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Mrs. Lagana  [email protected]
 TLC - Teacher (Therapeutic Learning Center) Mrs. Kasparian [email protected]
Instructional Aide  Ms.  Noulielie [email protected]
Instructional Aide  Ms. Rocha [email protected]
Instructional Aide  Miss. Thibodeau [email protected]
TLC - Teacher (Therapeutic Learning Center)  Mrs. Cassidy [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Roger Kennedy [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Mrs. Eddy  [email protected]
 Instructional Aide  Mrs. Judson [email protected]