Clubs & Activities

Please note that not all of this information is complete. It will be updated as information becomes available.  Information is subject to change. 


Athletics - Mountview offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities to our students. Announcements will be made over the PA and at lunch regarding tryout days and times. When possible, tryout times will be posted on the "This Week's Events" page and on the "Today's Announcements" page. Tryouts, practices, and games/meets run later than 4:15, so students would need to make arrangements for their own transportation home. There is a $120 athletic fee per student, per sport.  Families must register through 

In the fall, we have boys' soccer, girls' soccer, field hockey, and cross country Tryouts for these teams happen right within the first few days of school, as teams need to be set for early games.

In the winter, we offer boys' and girls' basketball. These tryouts generally begin around mid to late November. Again, students will need to listen carefully to announcements for tryout days and times. We will do our best to keep these times posted on our website as well. Games begin in January, usually right after the December break, and run through February vacation. Playoffs take place after February vacation.

In the spring, we offer baseball, softball, and track. Tryouts for these sports begin in late March or early April, and games begin when the fields are dry enough for play.

School Musical - Each year, PTA sponsors a schoolwide musical production. This year, auditions will take place sometime in December after school. Prior to those audition dates, students will be given information on what to do to prepare for the audition as well as a specific audition time. Play practices will begin in January and run through the production dates in March. This is a big commitment on the part of the participants, but it is a lot of fun! We will also need responsible students to sign up for backstage crew. We will put a call out at lunch in early February for those interested in helping out backstage.


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