Kudos to all of Mountview's Golden Mustang Award Winners this year!

The Golden Mustang Award will be presented monthly to one student from each team who . . .


v Puts his/her best effort forward in all aspects of the school day;

v Gets involved in the school community;

v Has a positive attitude about academics that is often conveyed to others;

v Actively and thoughtfully participates in all classes;

v Is a good friend to all by being helpful, accepting, and respectful;

v Serves as a good role model for other students;

v Behaves in a manner which promotes responsibility, safety, and respect;

. . . and is therefore recognized by the Mountview administration and teachers for his/her outstanding efforts and achievements.

Mountview Honor Roll

The Mountview Honor Roll is published at the end of each marking period. The Landmark publishes it when they have space to accommodate all of our bright students!

High Honors = A's in all subject areas

Honors = A's or B's in all subject area

  Mountview Middle School Q1 Honor Roll 2023/2024
  Mountview Middle School Q2 Honor Roll 2023/2024
  Mountview Middle School Q3 Honor Roll 2023/2024
  Mountview Middle School Q4 Honor Roll 2023/2024